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Tommie Miles Kimbro founded Heritage Assembly in 1965.  The original purpose was to restore the Little Ole House on Buffalo Street.  Once this was accomplished, other goals were established annually until the current objective evolved.

The objective of this organization shall be to raise funds to aid in the betterment of our community and to aid in the restoration, appreciation, and marking of historical sites and events in Johnson County.

The Assembly has no mandatory meetings.  In the fall, a New Member Tea is held.  Early spring is the designated time for the annual Heritage Ball and in mid May, the disbursement of funds is scheduled.

Some Presidents have opted to hold seminars to acquaint new members with the committee operations of the group, and some have the entire group attend workshops.  This is not part of the By Laws and has not been done consistently.

In our increasingly busy world, we have  technology for better communication, but often find ourselves too busy to take advantage of it.  Therefore, this booklet is being compiled to be a reference for new members or for those who have not had an opportunity to serve on different committees.

This is not a procedure booklet. Committee Chairmen prepare a procedure booklet for their predecessors each year, and many offer suggestions to the Board.  The official By Laws govern this organization.  It is provided in the By Laws that committees can be appointed and directed by the Executive Board.

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