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From the Executive Board and all the Membership of Heritage Assembly, Inc., we welcome you to one of Johnson County's oldest charitable organizations.


It is a privilege to be a part of the heritage and traditions established by our predecessors, and we know you will take pride in the accomplishments of this organization and help to continue the tradition by your participation.


The definition of Heritage is a

"legacy, something passed down from generation to generation."

Each person's contribution makes a difference, but when we all combine our efforts we can accomplish great deeds.


We are excited to welcome you, our future in continuing the heritage and tradition of this organization.


March 29, 2014





The objective of this organization shall be to raise funds to aid in the betterment of our community and to aid in the restoration, appreciation, and marking of historical sites and events in Johnson County.




To be a member in good standing, a member must...


  • Pay Annual Dues in a timely manner
  • Sell $1.00 Special Gifts Tickets
  • Perform Assigned Committee Duties




New Member Social

Annual Ball

Disbursement of Funds



No Meetings are mandatory, but participation is encouraged




Tommie Niles Kimbro founded Heritage Assembly in 1965.  The original purpose was to restore the Little Ole House on Buffalo Street.  Once this was accomplished, other goals were established annually until the current objective evolved.


The objective of this organization shall be to raise funds to aid in the betterment of our community and to aid in the restoration, appreciation, and marking of historical sites and events in Johnson County.


The membership is divided among approximately twenty different committees.  The President appoints committee chairman and assigns members to committees each year.


The Assembly has no mandatory meetings.  In the fall, a New Member Tea is held.  Early spring is the designated time for the annual Heritage Ball and in mid May, the disbursement of funds is scheduled.


Some Presidents have opted to hold an orientation to acquaint new members with the committee operations of the group, and some have the entire group attend workshops.  This is not part of the Bylaws and has not been done consistently.


This manual is compiled to be a reference for new members or for those who have not had an opportunity to serve on different committees.


This is not a procedure booklet.  Committee Chairmen prepare a procedure booklet for their successors each year, and many offer suggestions to the Board.  The official Bylaws governs this organization.  It is provided in the Bylaws that Committees can be appointed and directed by the Executive Board.





The executive Board is the legislative body of Heritage Assembly.  In recent years, the Executive Board has been expanded to better represent all the membership of Heritage Assembly.


Since there are no general Assembly meetings, the Executive Board has the responsibility of implementing existing policy, enacting new policies, directing committees, and maintaining all accreditation as a Non-Profit 501 C3 Corporation, in accordance with the Bylaws.


In 1998, two Vice-Presidents were added to assist the President.  One VP handles Special Event Planning, such as the New Member Tea and Awards Ceremony.  The VP Committees is a liaison between the President and the committees, and assists the President with Committee instructions and meetings.


The Parliamentarian position was added to assist with parliamentary procedure during meetings.  The Parliamentarian will also advise the Executive Board of the guidelines of the 501C3 status and be aware of all reporting necessary to maintain this status.


The Bylaws of the organization remain on files at the Law Offices of MacLean & Boulware and a copy maintained by the secretary of the Executive Board.


Executive Board Officers for 2013-2014

 President:   Lori Zachary

 Vice President Membership:   Amy Brady

 VP-Special Events:   Samantha Edsel

 VP-Committees:   Andrea Coleman

Secretary:   Merry Cashion

 Treasurer:   Suzanne Wilson

 Parliamentarian:   Claudia Williams

 Immediate Past President:   Elizabeth Childress

 Member at Large/Advisor:   Candy James

Member at Large/Advisor:   Tamara Hanna





Those serving on the Addressing Committee are asked to address invitations to the New Member Tea, to the Heritage Ball and to the Disbursement of Funds Meeting.  They may also be asked to address various other communications to the membership, such as Newsletters, Membership Letters, etc.





Auditing will be done by an outside accounting firm.  They will be responsible for IRS filing and reports.





Annual awards and presentation of funds raised during the year are made at this reception held the second week in May, time and place determined by the

Executive Board.





This committee was formed in 1998-99 to solicit underwriting for Entertainment at the Ball and to defray expenses.  The Bylaws were amended to allow these funds to be used for specific expenses, in return the donors were given Signage at the Ball and Invitations to the Ball, depending on the size of the donation.  Gaming was added to the ball in an effort to raise more funds.  The gaming fundraiser is optional and the money can be used for addition fund raising at the discretion of the Executive Board.  Underwriting is optional.  Both are determined by the Executive Board.




This committee is responsible for determining the theme of the annual Ball with the approval of the President.  They secure all the decorations and most of the rentals used at the Ball, such as tables, chairs, backdrops, bars and rented decorations for the theme. 

This committee decorates approximately three days prior to the Ball and then cleans, packs and returns rentals Sunday and Monday.  This committee must work closely with several other committees: Food, Invitations, Door & Parking, and Reservations.  It is necessary to coordinate colors, tables, food set up and centerpieces. 




This committee works with a list of previous donors and potential new contacts.  They are contacted initially by mail advising them of our past contributions to the community and specifically listing who will benefit from our funds in the current year. Committee members contact the businesses and individuals in person if needed to request a donation.

The donors of a specific amount, determined by the Board will be given complimentary tickets to the Ball.  Others will be listed in the program as Patrons, Sponsors, Century Sponsors, and Century Plus Sponsors.

Donation Chairmen personally write thank you notes or can request the Secretary's Committee to help.




Each year a group of young men and women act as Valets for the Heritage Ball.  The committee chairman contacts the sponsor of the organizations chosen to perform this service.  Upon acceptance of this responsibility, the sponsor of the group handles the details of scheduling the individuals and explaining the responsibilities.

 Pages are junior and senior sons and daughters of Heritage members.  These young gentlemen and ladies are presented during the evening and escorted by their mothers and fathers.  Until the time they are escorted, they are selling the door prize tickets (prizes secured by Membership Appreciation) to the members and guests.  There is a gift awarded to the Page selling the most tickets.  The committee Chairman secures the gift and the cost of the gift is determined by the budget allocated. Snacks and beverages are also provided for the Valets and Pages.




If the Executive Board decides to have "Entertainment" at the Ball this committee will secure bids on entertainment and arranges all the details.  Examples of Entertainment are gaming, regular auctions or silent auctions.  If prizes are required, this committee will advise the President or VP of Committees in order to purchase the prize in advance and/or to acquire donations of prizes.  Entertainment is an added feature to raise more money.



Committee Chairmen begin early getting bids on various menus.  The Food Committee has budget restraints and must supply food for approximately 300 people.  Liquor is also the responsibility fo the Food Committee.  Renting bars, serving utensils, glasses and tablecloths, if required, is a function of this committee.  Selection of bars is a part of the Committee's responsibilities and this is a rented item.

Food Chairmen can bring recommendations to the Executive Board regarding choices and menu if requested by the President.  The Food Chairmen are required to assist the decorating committee by setting up the food tables and placing the tablecloths on the tables. 




 The Historian keeps a visual record of the current year. Newspaper articles, invitations, programs and snapshots should all be a part of the scrapbook.  These books are stored by the President and displayed each year at the New Member Tea.




It is the responsibility of this Chairman to select a color and style of the invitation and program to coordinate with the theme of the Ball.  Invitations and RSVP cards should be ordered, proofed, printed and mailed one month prior to the Ball.



Membership is the responsibility of the Vice President.  Duties include sending the initial membership letter, collecting dues, advising those on waiting lists of an opening in the membership, and compiling all member information for Yearbook. 




In the 1980's Members and Guests were first allowed to buy chances on prizes secured by Membership Appreciation at the Ball.  Members were given the opportunity to purchase in advance of the Ball and could win if not present.  The Pages sell Member/Guest Tickets for $5.00 at the Ball. 

This committee is responsible for providing moneybags, change, list of prizes and easel to display at the Ball.  A table must be requested from the Decorating Committee. 

The Committee secures all prizes and has the tickets printed.  This committee will mail tickets to members in advance.  The committee will also secure the prize for the member selling the most $2.00 tickets.  This Committee secures the Incentive Prize for selling two hundred tickets or more.  A member selling 200 tickets will have two chances to win this prize, for each additional 100 tickets sold, a member's name will be entered into this drawing.

The prizes must be available to distribute at the Ball to the Winners, and this Committee is responsible for the security of the prizes until they are drawn and given to the winners.  This committee also notifies winners not present after the Ball and distributes the prizes.




This Chairman obtains bids on prospective bands and photographers for the Ball.  Once bids are reviewed, the decision is made to book the services based on budget requirements, availability, and compatibility with the theme for the evening.  It is suggested that Photographers be rotated annually or semi-annually.




The Chairman will provide the location and refreshments for New Members and the Executive Board host a meeting.  The Executive Board and others as appointed by the President explain the functions of each of the committees.  This is both an informational meeting and social meeting for the New Members and the Executive Board.  The President and Executive Board can elect to have this meeting just prior to the New Member Tea and the VP Special Events host the function.



 The Newsletter Chairman is responsible for publishing newsletters, for the purpose of keeping the membership informed.  This chairman will work with the Executive Board to announce special meetings, recognize members and friends of Heritage Assembly.  The frequency can be determined by the Executive Board.  The Newsletter will serve as a current event publication and as a window to the past, with special articles spotlighting history of the organization.  To help with costs the newsletter will  be emailed to all members with this capability.




The Publicity Committee takes pictures of all Special Gift Donors and Corporate Sponsors and writes articles to submit to local newspapers.  This publicity is our way of informing the public of the good works we do.  The general public buys our $2.00 tickets, which to date is our single largest moneymaker in Heritage history.



 This committee exists to assist with correspondence as requested by other committees and/or the President and Executive Board.  It has most frequently been used to send thank you letters for prizes, donations and special services.


 This committee solicits and collects all the prizes listed on the $2.00 Gift Ticket.

 The Chairmen send a letter to local retail businesses requesting donations for the $2.00 gift tickets.

A list is compiled from the previous years' benefactors for names and addresses.  However, each year this list should be reviewed for corrections, deletions and new contacts.  Once the letters have been sent the committee is assigned a list of contacts to visit personally on behalf of the Assembly.

A list of those who have given and what should be provided to publicity so pictures can be taken for the paper and scrap book.  Special Gifts Chairman notifies winners and distributes prizes.

Thank you notes can be written by the committee or given to Secretary's Committee, this should be decided and coordinated through the VP of Committees and the President.

The Special Gifts Chairman must provide a list of all donations to the Ticket Chairman to have printed usually by mid January to allow time for the Assembly members to sell.  It is important to note that the $1.00 Gift Ticket sales are the highest grossing moneymaking fundraiser for Heritage Assembly.


 The Ticket Chairmen work closely with the Special Gifts Committee to list all the prizes in descending value order on the $1.00 gift ticket, which is sold to the public.  In addition to members selling, Ticket Chairman should place tickets in businesses and allow one complimentary for every 10 tickets sold by a business.  This data will also need to be recorded and turned in at the same time members must turn in their money.  Some types of handbills and/or posters are advisable.  The posters and handbills should outline what the donation will be benefiting.  Notify publicity of selling locations.

Tickets Chairmen are responsible for securing all ticket monies Wednesday or Thursday before the Ball, verifying cash with tickets and turning cash into the treasurer for deposit.  Ticket Chairmen will be responsible for counting sales and will announce the Top Ticket Seller who will be given a prize.  Prizes should be announced in the Ticket Letter, to offer incentive to sell tickets in multiples of 100.  Membership Appreciation/Member Guest Door Prize Committee will secure these prizes.


 This book includes a list of the Executive Board, Committee Chairmen, Circle of Honor, New Members and Member Emeritus Status.  Other information can be included at the Directive of the President or the Executive Board.




Circle of Honor


Introduced in 1999, this Circle is for Past Presidents who wish to remain affiliated with Heritage Assembly.  It is an honor membership to recognize the past presidents for their contribution to the heritage and traditions of the community.

Circle of Honor members pay dues and are limited to 15 members.


Heritage Assembly Circle of Honor

2013-2014 Members


Sue Childress

Gail Hazelwood

Ruth Ann Hill

DiAnn Hyde

 Laura Kasper

Kathleen Mims

Jennifer Murphy

Rebecca Roe

Christi Schmidt

Becky Snider

Beth Swatzell

Donna Turner

Kay Walls


Member Emeritus

 This membership status was introduced in 1995 as an honorary status of twenty five plus year membership or members who have reached the age of seventy and no longer wish to perform committee duties.

Member Emeritus pays annual dues, sells gift tickets and is limited to 10 members.

Heritage Assembly, Inc.

Member Emeritus 2013-2014

Dianne Pritchard
Shirley Smith 
Elizabeth Victory 


2013 Funding Recipients


American Historical Rail Road Foundation

Burleson Heritage Foundation


Brazos Chamber Orchestra

Buffalo Creek Association

Camp Fire USA

Carnegie Players

Johnson County Historical Foundation

Sons of the Confederate

Brazos Chamber Orchestra

Cleburne Performing Arts Foundation



Scholarships Awarded

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Johnnie Hyde Leadership/Youth and Government

Heritage Essay




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